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For those who love to solve problems

This is a heartfelt letter to the many people in the world who often say that they love solving problems.  I was in a design thinking workshop which taught me quite a few valuable things. One of them that really stood out to me was the contrarian idea of solving problems for edge cases. Typically, funders who back entrepreneurs gravitate towards projects that are focused on a large market. This is primarily because funders are investors who are looking to make money from their investment and solving the actual problem is essentially the gravy on top rather than their core purpose for investing.  For all other problems, they say, go set up a non-profit organization. When non-profits are established to solve problems, oftentimes, the donor and sponsorship funds they receive are from individuals and organizations that want to make a big, positive impact so that they can make splashy corporate social good announcements and also feel better about themselves. So, if the beneficiaries of the

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