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Don't go along to get along

As a startup entrepreneur, I've been mingling more with other startup founders and investors. What's interesting about this group is that most of them are highly self-confident folks. Some built their confidence on having had relevant experience. Almost all of them are highly outspoken and ready to share their thoughts with you, whether you want them or not. This can be rather different from having a team of employees who may feel it's not their place to express their disagreement with your plans or strategies.  Sometimes, I feel that I can more easily get into a devil's advocate conversation and have lively debate about different ways of tackling a problem with other founders and investors who have previously been startup founders. From the outside looking in, it appears that conversation is more confrontational, but no one's feelings are hurt...everyone is just trying to weigh in available options and their potential pros and cons. I find this refreshing! While it

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