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How I "dated" 19 potential co-founders to find the right one

I spent about 18 months "co-founder dating" and met with a total of 19 potential co-founders - 3 through referrals, 2 through CoFounders Lab , 1 through LinkedIn , 1 through Bolster , 12 through Y Combinator's Startup School co-founder matching platform . I met 4 of them in-person. I moved forward with 2 co-founders (both of whom we met in-person) -- 1 in 2020 and another in 2021. The first one didn't work out after working together for a few months -- not because we didn't work well together, but because we realized that the answer to product-market fit meant changing the nature of the product in significant ways that no longer interested one of the cofounders to continue working on it. We parted ways amicably and still stay in touch. Trying to find someone to work with on a new venture takes a lot of time and discipline. Not only do you need to work well with this person, you also need to align on a plethora of areas including how long they are financially able

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