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Black Lives Matter. And I Have Much To Learn.

I have been struck by how the black community has been unfairly and inhumanely treated for far too long. As an Asian woman living in the United States, I thought I would understand the plight of all minorities. But I am sorely mistaken. I have been processing this realization that hit me like a brick, and it is still taking me a while to process everything. Despite all the news coverage, it dawned upon me that I don't have any realistic inkling of what it is like to go about your daily life as a black person in this nation.  Recently one of my friend's son posted that he had "the talk" that all black parents ultimately have with their children about what to do when they are pulled over by the cops. I am floored that there is even such a conversation that black parents are having with their kids today. My naiveté took me completely by surprise.  For a while, I couldn't wrap my head around why it is not appropriate to respond to "Black Lives Matter" with &

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