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Thankful for Life

This Thanksgiving started out with a Whatsapp note from my high school friends that a fun-loving friend of ours who was a fellow school councillor (student government representative) had passed away from cancer. He is the first of high school friends I know to go and I'm deeply saddened by the news.

During each Thanksgiving season, I like to take stock of the many wonderful people in my life and spend a moment thinking of all the things that I'm grateful for. I don't believe I have ever stopped to think about being thankful for having life itself. This struck me like a lightning bolt this year.

As a foodie, I have great love (and appetite!) for food and enjoy Thanksgiving for not only the chance to spend time with family but also to indulge in the gluttonous spread of festive foods of the Fall season -- thanks to my sister-in-law slaving away in the kitchen. I need only bring fruits, an appetizer and a side. I'm thankful for that convenience!

My husband, who has been m…

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