Changing This World For Women, Now

Even though it has been happening for years, the past few months have surfaced more than its fair share of injustices against women in the business world and I have felt powerless to make changes...till now.

Here are some of these articles that have propelled me to do something about it, without delay:
Comparing how male and female entrepreneurs are described by VCsGoogle's underpayment of women is 'systematic,' claims U.S. governmentFacebook rejects female engineers' code more often, analysis findsThe sexism described in Uber employee's report is why women leave tech -- or don't enter at all
I am inspired by my Wharton classmate's wife, Angela Lee, who started 37 Angels some years ago to close the gender gap in angel investing. She is making a difference by empowering women to go beyond income creation to wealth creation.

Given my startup and 20 years' marketing experience, I have decided to serve as an advisor to startups. Since time is limited, I stil…

How Much Will You Sacrifice To Get What You Want?

A few days ago, there was a big drawing for the Powerball lottery -- a whopping US$1.6 billion. Alas, I was not one of the 3 lucky winners who will split the pot three-ways.

I'm sure many people were day dreaming what they'd do with that money even when the odds of winning was published at 1 in 292 million. So forget the old adage, one in a million! Those odds were far worse.

Back to reality! I was reading about a couple who downgraded themselves from their apartment to living in a trailer for 7 years in order to save for the dream house they wanted. For most of us, we live as comfortable a life as we can afford and save what we can in hopes of socking away enough to afford retirement and a few other things we might want -- whether it's college education for your kids to a nice vacation or a dream home. But would you ever contemplate choosing to live in a trailer home for however many years it will take for you to save till you have what you need to achieve your dream pu…

Zero Proscrastination: It's Possible

A few months ago, I got to know someone whom I have utmost respect. If there is just ONE thing I have learned from getting to know this person, it's this: zero procrastination. I have never observed this person to procrastinate...not even once. Can you imagine the level of productivity one can operate without procrastination? It's really an eye-opener how much can be accomplished without it.

Just like the phrase "to err, is human", I've always thought that procrastination is something inevitable that plagues all of us. It creeps up on us when we don't battle courageously to bat it away, and we'll ultimately fail every now and then. No doubt, I have succumbed to it many a time in my life. I have never met anyone who doesn't ever procrastinate -- till now. Hence, I have now witnessed that it is humanly possible not to procrastinate.

Do note that there is a difference between procrastination and prioritizing tasks.

For my new year's resolution, I asp…

New Beginnings and Marcus Aurelius

Recently, I read a book on Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations". It was an amazing book written by a Roman emperor thousands of years ago. Yet, much of his observations and quotes are still useful and pertinent today. Times change, but people really don't.

Today, I start a brand new job at  a mobile app tech start-up called RapidSOS. (Do read the article in the New York Times published today about it.) It's a new beginning for me, and an exciting time ahead. The path ahead will no doubt be filled with great challenges, given my aggressive goals. A quote from the book comes to mind:

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

I have been greatly blessed by the intellect and support of my family and friends. They have been my rock and inspiration all rolled into one. I learn from them in so many ways: from sage advice from my mom, actions from my dad, words of encouragement from friends and colleagues, even ina…

Fighting the Good Fight

I've had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people in various firms over the years. Many of them would allow me to fight the good fight by day, and we'd hang out drinking by night. No hard feelings. Those are the best co-workers one can ask for!

The one thing I've come to realize is that those times when I was fighting for something e.g. fighting to challenge the status quo, fighting to change mindsets, fighting for technology or process improvements, fighting for fairness in employee treatment, fighting for a larger budget, fighting to get more money or recognition for an employee, fighting for the opportunity to introduce new products or services, fighting to do the right thing for the customer, fighting to protect the privacy of customers, fighting for the proper accounting to be shown in the financial statements, fighting for the firm to take calculated risks...these were all highly exhausting experiences, but they all ended up with something good produced for…

Understanding Micro Managers

Micro Managers are the bane of everyone’s lives. No one likes them. Absolutely no one. But they exist among us. The best way to curb their behavior is to understand why they operate this way.
Ready for the no-nonsense no-word-mincing revelation? Micro Managers are essential control freaks with low self esteem. They want to control everything and they don’t have confidence in themselves for having hired well or trained their staff well. So, they feel the need to butt into every little detail to the Nth degree.
The most exasperating thing one must do is to coax them to believe that they have hired well and trained the team well, so as to enable them to slowly let go. Essentially stroke their ego – they have low self-esteem so they need that, badly. Then, help them feel they are in control…again by stroking their ego. They are sensitive people, so you need to treat them with sensitivity (all while trying not to stab yourself in the eye). But it must be done. Or they will continue to ha…

Inspired by women taking action

This weekend, I was watching a documentary with my usual Movie Night pals (we get together regularly to watch a thought-provoking movie and have discussion after) and was very inspired by the movie "A Small Section of the World".

It showcases a community of women in Costa Rica who came together to figure out a way to feed themselves and their families when their husbands were unable to find work. They didn't have a business degree or any real work experience but they were hardworking, persistent, good at networking, ever willing to learn, creative in figuring out revenue sources and tenacious when faced with failure or setbacks.

It's a good movie to see how people with a will can always figure out a way to solve their problems. One also learns the power of identifying the right people to rally you on, and how to overcome objections, including sexism, by surrounding yourself with people wh…