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Changing This World For Women, Now

Even though it has been happening for years, the past few months have surfaced more than its fair share of injustices against women in the business world and I have felt powerless to make changes...till now.

Here are some of these articles that have propelled me to do something about it, without delay:

Comparing how male and female entrepreneurs are described by VCs

Google's underpayment of women is 'systematic' claims U.S. government

Facebook rejects female engineers' code more often, analysis finds
The sexism described in Uber employee's report is why women leave tech -- or don't enter at all

I am inspired by my Wharton classmate's wife, Angela Lee, who started 37 Angels some years ago to close the gender gap in angel investing. She is making a difference by empowering women to go beyond income creation to wealth creation.

Given my startup and 20 years' marketing experience, I have decided to serve as an advisor to startups. Since time is limi…

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