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Trust someone to do something they haven't done before

As an employer, I have hired many smart, self-motivated people fresh out of college with limited experience and had an amazing experience trusting them to do their work well, even if they are doing it for the first time. Many employers similarly do not have too much qualms entrusting these eager 20-something year-olds with over-sized responsibilities despite their lack of experience. Yes, they need supervision and guidance, but empowering them helps them take responsibility, learn on the job faster and better, which leads to favorable outcomes for the company.

When employers start hiring higher up the ladder, oddly, their past successes in entrusting those with less experience don't carry forward. There is a tendency is to look for experienced people who have done certain specific tasks several times over in various jobs. It's almost like all they want is to have the person copy the homework from their previous job over rather than doing critical strategic thinking to determin…

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